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Our Latest Public Safety Solutions

mcptt-whitepaper-cover_400x518White Paper *NEW*

Public Safety Interoperability:
The Roadmap to Success with Mission Critical Push to Talk

With the recent push for public safety interoperability, many organizations are looking for ways to implement solutions that will help them reach this goal. A common solution is Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT).
In the past, agencies were forced to choose between systems that worked over a wide area or those that could be accessed in a more limited capacity. But now, with MCPTT, agencies and first responders can gain access to the same level of communication capabilities – no matter where they work.
In this White Paper, we explore the evolving world of MCPTT and examine ways in which public safety personnel and emergency response communities can harness the power of its technology.

Hurricane Maria Blog CollageBLOG

Delivering Critical Aid & Connectivity to Residents Following Hurricane Maria

When it comes to communications, satellite connectivity offers an alternative path to terrestrial networks, making it an essential part of emergency preparedness & relief.

Our Public Safety Business Development Director, Steve Hailey, accounts first-hand his weeks in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and how satellite technology played an integral role in the disaster response. 

SATRAD_RoIP_Interop_DataSheet_NIC4New Solution

SATRAD RoIP Interop Solutions Kit

Device agnostic, seamless Interoperable Communications with Radio-over-IP (RoIP). Modular & custom configured RoIP solutions to meet your mission critical communication requirements.

Regardless of the device – Smartphone app, Two-way radio, Satphone or PC, with Radio over IP, your organization can communicate seamlessly between existing legacy systems and next generation solutions.

our Solutions:

A9ktkkd0_1vvsilh_gbgCritical Communications Kits for Disaster Response & Recovery

CCK-1000 Series - Voice 

CCK-2000 Series - Internet Hotspot 

CCK-3000 - Data, Video & Phone 

RoIP-Box-1SATRAD RoIP Interop

FIC E2000 003FIC-E2000



shutterstock_1689452008Interoperability Solutions

SATRAD-MATRIX-iSeriesSATRAD Matrix iSeries

Landing Page Datasheet Images_SkyLinkCertus 100 - SkyLink

ThalesMissionLINK 200Certus 200 - Thales MissionLINK 200 

AnsuR-ASIGN-Product-e1620246977540AnsuR ASIGN


critical communications Solutions

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